Mr. World (masters) 2nd Runner up is in front of you for educating the students as well as Teachers and officials for developing their skills, personality and for getting ultimate success in their career and life through improving their health and self confidence. He is a Post Graduate in History , Many times Mr. India winner, founder of LEEHANS, the first ever Modern Health Club in Kerala and a master of physical mental and motivational training for the past 24 years for students, high level professionals and celebrities. The knowledge acquired by Mr Peter Joseph through his own practical experiences and scientific experiments , enabled him to represent India 7 times in World Bodybuilding Championships and 5 Asian championships, winning 3rd position in the World and Two times 2nd position in Asia. On winding up his competition career, at the age of 56, he offers chances for the new generation to share and learn experiences and get motivation for winning the hurdles to be faced throughout their career and making their dreams come true. His personal experiences makes it clear that pain & hardships can be made enjoyable and he underlines it, that learnings & lessons from failures are the stepping stones to success.

In India Professional students including medical students are not provided with a single chapter to learn about keeping up of our own health but that should be the basic education for every students. This lack of health awareness leads the next generation to a tragic situation, making them physically unfit.

Mr. Peter Joseph has taken Voluntary retirement from his job in Indian Railways and is fully involving in motivating the new generation for improving their physical, mental and career development.

He is joining with Mr. Haseeb T P a certified trainer and Gold Medalist from IIT Kanpur in soft skills & personality development. Haseeb is a B Tech Graduate from CUSAT and cracked GATE in 2003. Since he was very passionate in soft skills training he has entered into his career as a trainer in the above subject for the past 5 years, by motivating professional students as well as different types of professionals.

We aim that every students should say proudly about their Institution, where they have studied and the Institution should have the PRIDE about their students.
Being a B Tech degree holder Mr. Haseeb is fully aware of the difficult situations and problems facing by the professional students and he is perfectly able to give exact remedies and directions for them. Our students are in an uncertainty for the whole academic years and unfortunately most of them do not know , how to face this tragic situation. Even after their studies they enter into unemployment and their tension turns beyond their control and sometimes they are provoked to think of suicide.
So PRIDE aim at the total rebuilding of the character and personality of the students through learning soft skills and attaining self actualization. We turn their fear into power, dream into reality, enable them to identify strength & limitations,
We are living in a time, when most of the people are lowering their expectations. Today youngsters are in the social media virtual world and personal contacts are through chat message only.

We aim to teach them a habit to develop personal relationship by learning soft skills and to explore the possibilities of suitable employment. There are lots of job opportunities in and around our country. Getting a job is not by luck. It is only through focusing, and acquiring. We teach the lessons to prepare for it .

The final remedy for everything in life is by developing Spirituality. Only on getting Spiritual intelligence a person become perfect. But wrong concepts about spirituality ends in terrorism and communal enmities. We teach about scientific prayer and how to develop spirituality and spiritual intelligence.