We manufacture and supply of all kinds of Exercise machines (fully Manual).

The knowledge acquired from 24 years experience in fitness field has enabled us to understand that all the imported exercise machines are designed to be damaged within the warranty period, especially the electronics machines. 99% of imported machines in kerala are from China. They have no direct responsibility to the customers , who make use of their machines.

Chinese machines are made of very mild and weak materials. They dont want their machines to be long lasting but having great outlook and show.But Leehans is a popular institute in fitness field for the past 24 years in Angamaly and surrounding areas. So we want our products to be long lasting and most useful for our customers. All our machines are manufactured in our own factory with very strong and durable materials. Our customers can directly speak with Mr. Peter Joseph, the world champion, for getting essential directions for fitness and proper diet.

We prefer to sell whole body exercise machines instead of walking machines, so that more calories are burned in short time and more fitness can be gained. Residential health rooms are designed and arranged by us as per requirement.

We provide 5 years warranty for our equipment’s.

Multi Cross Trainer

Three different types of exercise can be done on this machine. Cardio and Strengthening can be done on this. Specially good for ladies for total fitness.